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    Kane Dossett, founder and CEO of Partners National Real Estate Group, has been
    representing the interests of corporations for the past 23 years. In the 17 years since
    founding Partners National, Kane and his colleagues have represented their
    corporate clients in transactions covering more than 350 cities throughout North
    America and internationally. Kane's transactions have ranged in size from corporate
    headquarters of several hundred thousand square feet to executive suite leases,
    depending on the client's requirements.
    Kane is regarded as being among the first in the industry to develop software that
    integrates the accounts payable functions with lease administration applications.
    Since the first implementation of this software for a national client in 1993, numerous
    other corporations have retained Partners National to implement the application and
    manage their accounts payable and lease portfolios.
    Prior to forming Partners National, Kane was Vice President for a competing national
    real estate company for five years. During the previous three years, Kane held the
    position of Vice President of Leasing with Central Park Development, a national office
    and retail developer. Kane also served on the real estate audit team at Coopers &
    Lybrand, where he evaluated the performance of commercial office developments.
    Kane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Southern Methodist