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    Mission Critical

    Partners National Mission Critical Facilities (PNMCF) is nationally recognized as the premier real estate brokerage company assisting financial, insurance, telemarketing and other Fortune 1000 companies in researching and procuring mission critical facilities for:

    1.  - Data Centers

    2.  - Call Centers

    3.  - Disaster Recovery Centers

    4.  - Operations Centers

    PNMCF specializes in national site selection of these facilities, providing these specialized services:

    1.  - We identify all facilities meeting our clients’ technical, geographic and demographic criteria in a detailed        yet concise, prospective facilities presentation;

    2.  - Our comprehensive technical due diligence saves our clients time, effort and costs;

    3.  - We use our proprietary database of available existing data and call centers to help our clients identify            facilities available at significant discounts to new construction costs; and

    PNMCF has completed more than 200 technical site assignments throughout North America, making us one of the most experienced real estate companies for mission critical facilities.